Cockroach Elimination

Working on controlling cockroaches using German gel + Al-sbreh material without any damage and the place evacuation and get a warranty for (six months) and in case cockroaches exist during the warranty period, there will be another checkup for free.


Bed Bugs

Working on controlling bed bugs by two ways:

  • -> Steaming: using sticks to publish smoke inside the place (to be evacuated for 24 hours).
  • -> Al-sbreh: a biodegradable material with water (place to be evacuated for 3 hours).

Rodents Control

Rodents such as mice, rats and others (Working method by using Cubes, granules or traps without any damages or evacuating the place.


All Pest Control

  • >> Controlling all types of insects, termites (Alrmp) + ants + Fleas + mosquitoes + Insects that are harmful to stored products, wasps, bees and silver fish insects, beetles ,Earwig, Spiders,Centipedes and millipedes.
  • >> We offer pest control services to using the best pesticides authorized by the Ministry of Health in addition to full safety for human.
  • >> Municipality attestation for restaurants, coffee shops, cafes , groceries ,and all shops.
  • >> Specialized in the field of controlling Alrmp for new buildings.
  • >> Company gives a guarantee for 6 months or a year, depending on demand and in case of finding any insects in this period, the client may notify us and wewill spray again for free.

How We Work


  • >>> We receive enquiries from our customers via phone or e-mail or through our website.
  • >>> Listening to the customer and understand the problems that he faces andall types of insects that cause those problems and then guide and advise him about the best solution which we will useto fix those problems, for example suffering from many cockroaches so we tell him aboutthe effective French gel material,and if there were a huge number of cockroaches so we advise to use the gel with other effective material, and our way to work would be as follows:
    • >> We check the place and then we sprayed the substance in all over the place and ask to vacate the place for 3 hours, of course we close the doors and windows in order to penetrate the materialwell in place and after three hours we ask the customer to open the windows and let the Airflow go into the place to expel the strong smell.
    • >> Next day the customer rinse and wash the place and then call us and we come and put the gel material in a form of small dots with 40 cm distance between the point and the other, and this (gel) is attracting insect to eat it as it contains a sweet component which kills.
  • >>> For the flying insects, the control process is only by using Alsbreh material by the same way. Of course, the material vary depending on the insects.
  • >>> For the mice and rats there is a special material for them or through devices specially made for hunting.
  • >>> We do not recommend using cheap treatments which are available in shops such as stickers as from a religious point of view, it may not be permissible because of the torture of the organism, and on the other hand is not as effective as special materials available with us, and we also sell the traps if client wants.

After work

  • >>> We give the client a real written warranty valid for 6 months from the date of the first treatment and stamped with the company seal and approved by the Municipality Department. This warranty is real as if the customer contacts us and informs that insects still exist, we visit again for free during the six months.

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